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Little Winks

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“Embrace the Serendipitous Moments That Affirm Your Path”

I heard this expression from a woman whom I dearly admire and respect. Joyce Meyer mentioned this simple yet powerful phrase in one of her daily presentations.

Don’t quote me now, but when you sit down and take a real, meaningful look at your life, there are some fascinating moments that appear during your journey.

Let me reflect on the last couple of months… man, what a ride!

I have encountered people in the most unique ways and places, we (meaning Shaun, my hubby and I). It could be having our favourite pastimes, cappuccinos, or devouring a bowl—I mean a bowl—of serious mussels, accompanied by freshly baked focaccia. Then lo and behold, we meet a woman or man who is passionate about their life!

I’m telling you, the conversations are not only deep but also so compelling, interesting, and engaging.

Okay, let me share a couple of incidents… both of us enjoying a cappuccino, live entertainment in front of us. They ask me to join them in their closing song, and the conversations begin! 🎶

Hello 👋🏾

It continues, then we meet the owner of the establishment, and the most incredible conversations are shared. His personal experiences and life stories blow us away.

Hello 👋🏾

Stick with me… Posting on LinkedIn, I see a woman who is open within her content and has an open mind to create global change in medical healthcare. I mean, she’s blazing the trail…

Hello 👋🏾

Let me share one more. We leave to have lunch at our go-to spot, and while enjoying a late lunch, a beautiful lady sitting with her child, our eyes lock, and away she goes!

– Genuine

– Authentic

– Personal

– Relatable

– Fun-inspiring

Now, in all the above encounters, we exchange our information, and the rest is history!

What I’m trying to say here is those are the “little winks” that appear during each of our lives to let us know that we are on the right path.

Take it for what you want, but with me, I know deep in my soul to trust what I’m blessed to do and be the best at what I do!

Hey, I really do not immerse myself in reels, but sometimes there are some real awakening moments… here’s one shared by Jerry Seinfeld:

“Your only focus should be getting better at what you’re doing. Focus on what you’re doing and get better at what you’re doing.” – Marcus Aurelius

Hello 👋🏾

Now, if that does not kick you where you need it, trust me, I got it!! When you ask for something, whether it be through prayers, journaling, or manifesting it… believe and accept the little winks along the way.

I can honestly say that I’m in my element, doing what I was born and created to do, and magic is happening.

Not reinventing the wheel, working on my craft, and absolutely enjoying my time, having a blast!!

I’m not going to say it, no negativity or nothing, just keep doing what you want and love to do.

Be open-minded, yet wise to your intuition.

They are given to each of us, so be respectful and listen.

Listen, Learn and Apply!

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