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Embark on a journey of enlightenment and empowerment with Joy Foster, host extraordinaire of not one, but two remarkable podcasts.

In “The Joy Foster Podcast,” she delves fearlessly into the intersections of health and societal divisions, weaving together insightful conversations that inspire and uplift. With a keen eye for the transformative power of dialogue, Joy navigates the complexities of our world with grace and authenticity, leaving listeners enriched and enlightened.

But the legacy doesn’t end there. Enter the “Future Prospects Podcast,” a beacon of hope that may have ceased airing in 2021 but continues to resonate deeply in today’s landscape. Through this platform, Joy shines a spotlight on the voices and visions of extraordinary young individuals, amplifying their stories and perspectives to create a brighter tomorrow.

In a world often overshadowed by cynicism, Joy Foster’s podcasts stand as beacons of positivity and possibility, inviting us all to join in the pursuit of a better, more inclusive future.


Joy Foster and her guests discuss health and the societal divisions when it comes to navigating our “new normal”.

Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, Infectious Disease Specialist, kicks off the series as Joy’s first guest. Dr. Adbu Sharkawy is the go-to expert for several major hospitals in Toronto, as well as being the medical face of the pandemic on national TV.

Listen to the The Joy Foster Podcast here.


Future Prospects Podcast Cover

Future Prospects shows can now be watched on our Podcasts. Theses shows are the founding stories that started my mission with inspiring our youth. Subscribe to and be inspired by your peers.

You can find Future Prospects Podcast here.


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