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“I had the pleasure of experiencing Joy’s inaugural Woman to Woman’s event. Joy has a special talent for creating a unique relaxing forum that brings women together to share their stories, challenges and successes and feel that no one is alone in their journey. A refreshingly powerful experience!”

Sylvia Biffs – Sales Director 
Nottawassga Resort / Alliston

On a number of occasions, I have been in the audience when Joy Foster has been the guest speaker.  Each and every time, I felt uplifted and personally empowered, no matter what the subject for discussion. Looking around the audience, this response was clearly the same for all others. Joy has the uncanny ability to make everyone feel included and truly respected as a unique individual. She truly cares.   Moreover, she speaks directly with candor and integrity, with an unstoppable energy that sweeps everyone listening up into the realm of possibilities, strength to overcome adversities and hope.  Everyone needs Joy in their lives.  

Marilyn Feild, LEAD & DAREarts Founder, Windrush Estate Winery Partner 

I had the pleasure of meeting the multitalented Joy at a recent networking event and was immediately struck by her confidence and pose . She is an amazing story teller , a very authentic women and was very engaging and relatable when she spoke to our group . I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any organization . Kimberlite is a volcanic rock that contains diamonds and Joy is exactly that ….a diamond ! 

Angela McKinnon / First Vice President & Program Chair BPW Brampton 

—Met at a university function empowering women, Joy is exemplary of that movement. She’s kind, encouraging, welcoming + supportive! Thank you Joy for your movement of ease during our podcast! 

Cavelle Wilson, Owner, Director + Lead Maker of inheyl Candle Co. 

Joy is exactly what her name implies, she is non-judgmental, open to other people’s opinions and she has a youthful attitude toward life.  When you meet Joy, you feel like she has always been your friend. She is warm and always positive. Her demeanour encourages one to do your best. I count myself lucky to have her in my life.

Bonnie Ledson – Diamond in the Hills Fashion Show – Support of Bethel Hospice

I met Joy Foster 11 years ago. I attended an event she was having called ‘woman to woman’ in Alliston . I was so inspired by her that evening that I attended more of her events after. I have taken my mom and my two daughters a few times actually to Joy’s ‘Mother Daughter tea events’ at mrs mitchells restaurant in violet hill . I have also attended Joys road map event for our youth, watched her live tapings of “future prospects at Rogers studio and many many other events she has been asked to host or speak at. Joy is such an amazing speaker , a strong positive woman that has done so so much for our community and our youth.
She can easily captivate your attention from this beautiful aura she has and I love how easily she speaks at her events from her heart.
She has made such a difference in my life and I am blessed to have met Joy.”

Janice Berry
Owner of Seasonal Gardener

“I have been honored to attend two of the Women to Women events, which were different in theme and execution. Both were a great representation of what Joy (kimberlite) is offering the world as she spreads connection and unity in a loving fashion. Both events were emotional, inspirational and rewarding, I truly recommend these events to all!”

Sarah K. Martin

I had the opportunity to attend Joy Fosters Woman to Woman event at the end of May and as soon as I walked into her presence I felt “Home.” This Woman to Woman event was exactly what I needed in my life and couldn’t have come at a better time. I had been craving community and a sense of sisterhood for so long and Joy’s event truly catapulted me into the right direction and got me out of my comfort zone and back into a place of harmony and community. The event was a perfect tapestry of talking about real things that women go through and how to love ourselves through it all. We got to hear from real women that were attending the event, and they all shared their stories and wisdom with us all about things they have had to walk through in their lives. These events really give women a platform to be heard, to be acknowledged and encourages women of ALL ages to use their voice. The event was small and intimate (20-30 women) and I loved seeing that there was women of all ages from 20-80 years old. I can’t wait for future events!

Daurien MacLean 

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