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Levelling the Playing Field: Awakening the Lost Passion

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“Our Healthcare System: A Cry for Support, Change, and Compassion”

I’m an ongoing patient with my own health issues, and the fact that I have to go into our medical facilities, seeing the doctors, nurses and medical staff, I’m simply saying…not happy with their chosen profession…yep, it’s concerning to me! 

That’s saying it lightly… 

If I’m to write about our Healthcare, folks will be honest and true! 

We’re on sinking ground.  Leaders and Upper Management need to put a long overdue change in place. Our Healthcare System needs support: mentally, equality and inclusion. Frustration, anxiety and depression is taking place in the most important and valuable support system, our Healthcare System. 

Not only hospitals, but the long term care homes, including their residents dealing with the uncertainty of life, suffer among the walls, with no real benefit. Signs are placed on the walls stating “no abuse or foul language” (do not quote me). We have patients walking in to be treated, it goes both ways!!

If we, I can see it, feel it..there is a huge concern, because it shows our frontline workers are crying out for help, and some taking it back home to their loved ones. No outlet, just showing up after day, night after night..without any reassurance.

2020 was the turning point, and throughout our news media and social media, pictures reflected the exhaustion and pain that our Healthcare System endured. Honestly, they have not recovered from the pandemic and the trauma it’s left with them and their families breaks my heart. Yes, there are still the signs left outside while they championed the pandemic, vaccines and let’s say it, deaths after deaths…I can’t imagine!! Early retirements took place swiftly and many wanted out. That’s fine, but what happens to the soldiers (frontlines) who are in the trenches, dealing with remorse and fear.

Change is not a turn key operation, but it can happen…one step at a time!

While writing this blog, I think of my own Mommy, who suffered in the Long Term Care System, and it literally took me to another level of concern for our elderly and their wellbeing.

Responsibility and accountability must be taken seriously, for the sake of our future generations, coming up to become leaders in the medical field.

I ask you – what are they seeing and if they see any hope, positive change forthcoming. We are done!!
Are we listening to the cries within our Healthcare System? Do we care about our system, and if so ..action speaks louder than words!!

Attitude, respect and simple kindness needs to be taken, so the narrative between themselves can be digested and balanced throughout all platforms. They went to school to be part of healing people, of all the miraculous discoveries in medicine, let’s not make them forget, awaken their passion.

We all know what needs to be accomplished to make our Healthcare System, its staff on all levels, from all walks of life BETTER!

There’s still time!!

Listen, Learn and Apply!

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