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Authentic Conversations

Joy Foster Authentic Conversations

“Authentic Conversations: Redefining Success Beyond Material Gains”

Speaking as an entrepreneur, and this blog can relate to anyone, is that we all want the big picture, and the bigger things that come with success.

Hmmmm ..what is success??

Money in the bank, fine looking car, large home is how some people define the word! It’s a narrative, either positive or negative to the point where it’s taken to the extreme!!

Someone once told me “ You are so successful”, I pondered and thought, am I?

Hey, I was guilty of that too, comparing myself with others and not seeing what I’ve accomplished, lives touched within the authentic conversations shared with me, time and time again!

As a mother, I tell our talented and passionate son, enjoy the journey and trust the process!
Yes, Mom 🙂 xx looking at my own inner thoughts .. so you should too!!

It’s an unveiling process, the journey is different for each of us. If we could wear a pair of glasses to not see what others are doing, that would be amazing!

Yet, not realistic.. because we have to be able to believe in our own values, trust our own intuitions, in what we can do, and observe others with gratitude and respect.

Light bulb 💡..yep!!

It’s like a dream you know, you see it, feel it and you know that it’s true!

You do!!..(smiling)

Hey, here’s one to ponder ..a beautiful woman told me that I write very well, and should continue to write, so here I am!!

So on that note….

That’s the authentic conversation I mentioned, that lets you know yourself, and to continue to enjoy and trust the process!

Listen, Learn and Apply!

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