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Fighting Racism with Racism

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“A Colourful Walk: Diversity, Love and Mandela’s Legacy”

This weekend, I had a great time with my sweetheart walking, keeping up the paces while enjoying each other’s company.

During my walk, we had a conversation, honestly it has been silently speaking to my heart.

Within this picture my sweater comprises of many fascinating, bright and cheerful colours, just like the world we all live in. Beautiful colours from all walks of life, I thought and smiled!

The uniqueness, culture, mouth watering cuisines, language, fashion and when a conversation is stirred up, surrounded by the above…oh my lord,  it was so fulfilling.

What we all can learn from each other’s experiences and appreciate, with respect and genuine love  is truly what makes us human beings.

Nelson Mandela left us with his legacy, a leader who had seen through the darkness of hate, left us a template of what he had done and to live by. He brought a country together with one consistent message, and that was “human dignity.”

When I think of what he stood for and how he did it, I have so much respect for him, his leadership, commitment, dedication and smartness fighting against racism.

“Today we should ask ourselves: What have I done to improve the surroundings in which I live in. 
Nelson Mandela

It’s time ..for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

Listen, Learn and Apply.

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