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Treasure Our Elders Wisdoms 

Joy and Mum

“Wisdom Over Waffles: Heartfelt Conversations at Stacked in Barrie

While enjoying a scrumptious gluten free waffle at Stacked, in Barrie owned by an incredible and might I say, beautiful woman, I had the extreme pleasure of talking with two wonderful women. They were both mother and daughter, her mother was 97 years old and the only health issue she had was her hearing loss in the left ear. Full of life and let me tell you she loves her hockey, Maple Leafs all the way!

Her daughter was an absolute angel, living with her mother, immediately brought me back to my own mother and missing even conversations with her. Oh, and the nights of watching Bruce Lee movies with my Dad while enjoying a bountiful order of Chinese food from around the corner!! It was the best!!

She had dedicated her life as a ER nurse and loved it! Her eyes would light up when she reminisced about spending time with newborns. Precious!

My mind was racing because I could see myself writing a blog about these two incredible women. So, here I am sharing how each and everyday we are surrounded by such beautiful wisdom, grace and love.

I couldn’t help but to ask for a quote, trust me the conversation was full of them…haha the daughter said the following:

“We have to learn and appreciate the wisdom and patience of our elders.”


They both left to go back home and enjoy their hockey game.

I sat there thinking of my parents and all the wisdom and patience when I was younger. At the time, I could not understand, yet these two beautiful souls reminded me while enjoying my gluten free waffles and syrup!

Listen, Learn and Apply! 

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