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Marilyn Field “Mary Poppins”

When you meet Marilyn Field, Visionary Education Leader, World Executive Advisor; 2020World, LEAD& DAREarts Founder; Windrush Estate Winery Partner you cannot help feeling her “genuine love” for all humanity and especially anyone who has talent in the arts. 

There is only one way to describe this beautiful human being, she’s Mary Poppins in heels! 

Yes, Marilyn loves her high heels and feels uncomfortable without them on. 

That’s a fact!! 

Why, do I say Mary Poppins, because she a captivating light, dancing  with enthusiasm and joy. Her eyes has an inner beauty of eternal vision and strength that only one can immediately recognize and build upon.

Bold, challenging the unthinkable to happen in all aspects of her life and others. 

Within the movie Mary Poppins, she stands on a hill, a mountain I think, with her arms extended to the sky singing at the top of her lungs with such inspiration and gratitude. 

That’s Marilyn Field.


Why, I write this blog is because of the powerful message it holds of never letting go of dancing into your own reflection and revelation of your own self. 

Be not ashamed of who you are, but be bold, authentic and beautiful. 


Life is to be lived each and every day not forgetting to share with others. 

That’s so important!! 

Marilyn, is the true definition of a great leader, she continues to share her beauty with others and celebrating the arts which is so dear to her heart. 

*Especially our youth, artists or musicians who have achieved their dreams through dedication and passion. 
She continues to “dance” with her heels the Mary Poppins in each of our lives. 

I’m blessed to have you, Marilyn Field, as my dearest friend. 

Let’s keep dancing.

Listen, Learn and Apply!

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