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Leadership & Integrity 

Leadership and Integrity

“Embracing Authenticity and Leadership in the Fight Against Racism”

In life you will reflect upon moments of sadness, regrets, happiness infact many emotions as you get older.

When I was approached to write this article for the New Tecumseth Times, February 10th, 2022 Celebrating Black History Month,  I felt torn, upset and moved in many areas of my life.

Our company Kimberlite Enterprises platforms has always been and will continue to be honest, authentic and real. Challenging the hardest of conversations to eventually or hopefully come to some resolution for all humanity.

Within this article it bears my soul, life experience and indifference, I,  as being a Black woman who has encountered racism within the community.

Just writing that word community, its so hard to say my community. 

Keeping it honest!!

Writing this blog, I pray it will shed light on the conversation and issues that still lives with the hearts of human beings who still encounter racism, hate, indifference and whatever evil lies within many. 

 Silently many suffer feeling some form of guilt, shame or afraid to share their experiences, scared of the outcome and what others might say.

 What is the meaning of community, l looked it up and I choose the second portion which describes it well to me.

“A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. “sense of community that organized religion can provide”

Unwritten-Stories of Significance is our talk show now in its 12th season bringing stories from phenomenal youth with communities and around the world.

Let’s Talk About Community

Little history, it started off as a community show and then we expanded upon it introducing youth from many other countries, a feeling only one can experience when you watch their conversation and their eyes light up!

“I am heard,

Folks, “We live in a world, not only a community!

The whole reason for me writing this blog is to simply say when will leaders stand up for their community. Building a bridge of open dialogue so newcomers can introduce their incredible and unique ideas.

Extending their hands across the table, Welcome!! 

Meaning of Leadership “the action of leading a group of people or an organization.”

My focus, mission and life long goal as God spears my life is to not live my life by the colour of my skin, but by being me..

My name is Karen Foster … Joy is a pet name given to me by my father and so proud to walk within its meaning.

Meaning of Joy “a feeling of great pleasure and happiness “tears of joy”

Celebrating all good that lives with communities and the world.

I, will not live my life being a colour, but by the actions of inspiration, love and peace for all!

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