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Slowing Down 

Slowing Down Joy

Enjoying a delicious croissant and decaf coffee at Yorkdale Mall, I found myself laughing inwardly as I see people walking, some rushing to their destinations.. shopping, really!! 

Just kidding.. meeting a special someone, returning from lunch, going to work or just hanging out. 
Looking at all the different personalities, wardrobes and accessories, touching some in wheelchairs struggling “patiently” weaving between the crowds. 

As I turned my head, without drawing attention to myself, deep inside I ushered a silent prayer. 
It said the following “I pray that everyone reaches home safely and don’t take life too seriously.”
The prayer continues… “Take the time to smile, sharing your generosity with others, assisting the person in the wheelchair and slow down!! 

We all are rushing somewhere, frankly I really do not know, hey I catch myself many times, then I have to slap myself into reality. 

What’s the rush .. enjoy that moment, time, second, minute or hour just being grateful. Not looking back at yesterday, but looking at what’s in front of us today. How we reached this milestone, overcoming and still walking. 

Hey, today was crazy man.. I had two places I needed to go before my hair appointment, now that’s important. 

During that time, I was thinking of business and yesterday.. last week .. what the heck. 
Hiccups along the way, but made it through with a tremendous blessings.

What I’m trying to say, don’t take any moment for granted folks, life will evolve when you trust the process. 

Listen, Learn and Apply.

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