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Accountable to YOU!

Some of us feel a responsibility to be there for people, so let’s define them.

  • Family
  • Friends
  • Co-Workers
  • Relationships

And the list goes on and on…

When I was young I literally lived for my friends when they were down, I was the rock they turned to me without ever knowing I myself was overwhelmed.

Call anytime morning, nighttime … meeting all hours of the night to talk about things they were never really going to change.

Family, oh yes they consumed my time with all their dysfunctional lives that eventually lead me insane.

Now, don’t get me wrong please continue to read I’m coming to my reasoning of this title.

Ongoing issues they had in the past never dealt with yet they continued to argue constantly allowing no relief at all.

People can be nice yet many can be selfish not noticing others time, don’t get me wrong it’s that we need to respect others and for us to recognize the traits saying NO!

Why, again I lived a life never knowing I had one of my own. Because I never had a family or, being honest, a boyfriend, comparing with others lives that seemed so complete I devoted my time to people.

One day it came to a halt and someone who I never knew at the time was a good freind told me the following “You know a lot of people who you call friends, yet they are all acquaintances!

Oh, my Lord that hurt .. it kicked me way down deep I honestly felt it, knew it was the truth but never want to agree or see it.

What I’m trying to say folks you really and only need one friend – it’s YOU!

Comfortable with you, being alone with you, contentment with you alone.

Not searching for recognition from anyone.

Now, let’s clarify you can have friends but honestly choose them wisely being aware of the ones who quench your spirit without any respect.

It’s not being mean it’s being honest and mature about your time.

Today, I’m married to the love of my life Shaun, mother to our awesome son Michael, it’s been great and I’m blessed.

Praying everyday to God to keep me wise, strong and by my side.

I have learned the hard way and it has kept me wise throughout my life. Signs appear once and again but I know now how to relate and choose whom I call friends!

Listen, Learn and Apply 👍