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Walking Tall

I get asked all the time, “why is business attire so important when representing your own business or place of employment?”  

Sometimes I laugh within myself – How sad it is to think that a person does not know that the outer appearance has a powerful impact on their daily interaction with daily contacts. It is advertising their own image and the store front of their business. 

I quietly respond with a clear and approachable voice:

 “You are your business card to SUCCESS!”

Allow yourself the appreciation and respect that you deserve when representing your dream that you are building. Business attire, followed up with a powerful self-esteem, can create a positive powerhouse of your image.  We have no idea how your image can make or break your confidence.

I am not saying I am judging a book by its cover, but why allow yourself to be judged incorrectly in the first place. In business much like life we only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

Ask yourself, are you not of great value to society and should your wardrobe not reflect and portray success like any other successful business person?  Create that power image and empower your thoughts with the creative person you were born to be, standing proud and walking tall, with the knowledge you are the best you can be inside and out!

We are in our own business and should reflect success at all times, allowing no excuses no matter what the cost!  

If you are just starting your goals for yourself this year (and I surely hope you have!), you cannot not walk a road without a map to follow.

How does your image reflect your business?

Successful, proud, strong and victorious!

– Joy Foster

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