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My Own Words

Joy Foster Motivational Speaker

Nothing means nothing if you don’t apply it!

What I mean is if you believe something so deeply, but never stand up for it, such as racism, bullying, equality, respect… it means nothing.

The list is long and dear to my heart, in my short way of explaining – I will stand up for CHANGE!

I’ve mentioned it many times, experienced all levels of hate, in youth, adults and leadership. It breaks the deepest soul of my heart, when I see people hurting others, and more often, seeing others standing by and encouraging their venom, without any remorse.

** Working in the corporate world, wake up call… back stabbing and walking on others to climb the corporate level.

** Talking with students within my presentations, listening to the bullying, racism, without any culture teachings and no follow ups, when inequality has takes place.

** Leadership levels, the disrespect of their roles, not followed for the greater good, but for political gain – this disgusts me in a deep personal level.

** I pray and ask myself, when will this STOP!

It will take time, and one step at time, consistently with determination and passion.

Through my gifts that I have been blessed by God to share with world, to inspire and awaken gifts inside everyone he introduces to me.

I’m blessed and highly favoured!

Our world has been challenged is more ways than one, may it be COVID or any other challenges we endure, we have to learn to live together and be there for each other.

Through 2020 I have seen the uprising of everyone discovering their inner self, who they truly are.

Learning to live with the unknown, faith, prayer, gratitude, sharing, and working with ALL humanity.

Being a professional singer, in 2008 I recorded four (4) songs on a DVD titled “One Step at a Time”. Each chapter of my journey has been very interesting, now looking back, it was all for a purpose…. wow

Meeting all my mentors within my walk (still walking, by the way). man, I have been challenged in more ways than one.

Health, financial, family and keeping my faith in God strong.

Questions that enter my mind to deter me from walking this journey my God has placed me on.

Kimberlite Enterprises, was founded in 1992.

Today, it has two employees, Road Map Speakers Series, Future Prospects television show, The Joy Foster Podcast and Future Prospects Podcast, the chapters are still being written! Oh yeah …

Why, I share this with you all is because these are my platforms “My Own Words”

Sharing my gifts with the world.

We live in a world, derived from many unique and interesting people. Humanity, comes in all forms, what a beautiful array of gifts

Let’s all learn from 2020 to embrace those gifts and wake up to the possibility of World LOVE.

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