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Public Mourning

Please play the video whilst you read this blog post entry. These talented young men will be joining me on Future Prospects VERY soon – please visit Kimberlite again to hear their story.

Their voices are so incredibly powerful, and this song in particular is precisely the question we all are asking right now.

You can find more from CZN here.

There are no words of explanation on hate, discrimination, indifference, ‘RACISIM” towards any human RACE!

Viewing the news this week of the incident, the evil in the United States, left me speechless, in deep pain and silence.

Yes, speechless that history has taught us absolutely NOTHING but to repeat unjustified crime continually, AGAIN, AGAIN AND AGAIN!

When are we going to listen and learn? And not just for us, folks, but for the wellbeing of our children who will inherit this world when we are dead and gone.

Let’s take the eyes off of ourselves and look at their pain moving forward.  

One well known teacher at St. Thomas Aquinas (when I had delivered my presentation there) presented me with a reference letter that could not explain my message,

“Her message is raw and speaks the truth, hold onto your seats!… yep!!”

I could sit in my living room chair and become angered, frustrated, ready to walk throughtout neighborhood and scream,  but I have decided, in fact, CHOSEN to ramp up my mission, igniting my God given gift to inspire our future leaders voices,


and help awaken their unique gifts, that is needed now more than ever! 

Igniting THEIR the worlds largest bush fire 🔥 no man has ever seen! 

As I have always said, and will continue to say, IT’S TIME!!! 

We all contribute to this world in many different ways, shapes and forms – some with hidden bigotry, hypocrisy, and some who have the boldness to hold on to a relationship with many and stand in a lie!

Now there’s some like myself who has been through, pain, but decided to bury it and utilize their gifts to inspire others.

When we’re all born, a baby sitting in its crib does not think –“hummm…I think I’m going to HATE people”.

Their minds are genuine and filled with imagination waiting to be shared, and the unconditional love of they embrace whilst looking at their parents. 


I have seen it myself and it angers my soul,  as some of the older generation penetrate their evil into the minds of souls of the young to elevate a message.

I cannot find the words to say, but if we’re were to talk, let’s talk……EVIL.

Every young person I talk with, mentor, I ask them who do they associate with, including our incredible son 😊xxx.

“When you hang out with trash, you become trash! Talk with intelligence, NOT ingonorace.

How are you being duplicated – parents, metors, leaders, government, businesses and educators.

I’m a peaceful person, but even our Lord Jesus Christ spoke up when He had seen injustice, hate and hypocrisy practiced within His own followers.

This moment in time, George Floyd, as well as millions of people, have dealt with racism, indifference, homeless, cliques, entitlement… sadly, the list goes on and on.

All these marches are not any surprises because our God is calling action. When have you ever seen the world embrace one man’s death so dramatically through protests, voicing this must STOP.  

Let’s be clear, it’s not only black people, but all races walking with banners, ribbons to bring a message LOUD and clear!

This must END, FOR THE SAKE OF ALL HUMANITY, the conversation must be played out within schools, postsecondary, homes, businesses, government, councils ….everywhere!!

Calling it out for what needs to be said, as George Floyd looks down from Heaven, sitting at the feet of Jesus, he smiles, “My life will not go down in vain!”

It’s TIME.

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