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The Dating Game!

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It’s an ongoing concern if we will ever find love within this world, not knowing it takes a realistic approach and honesty within its journey!

Are we so impatient, wanting to know we can be chosen, or is it the peer pressure we put upon ourselves to prove a point?

I ask you – to whom are we trying to prove this point?

Let’s just cut through all the media pandemonium. We might be left out, yikes, now what …. Can I survive? Or should I settle for someone to prove a ridiculous point?

Looking back at my young years, now 58 years old, I will never forget comparing myself to all my friends who had a special someone in their lives. Especially around “those” days – Valentine’s Day, Christmas… boy, did those hurt. Or was it all the lovey, dobby stuff that comes with it all?

There were nights I cried myself to sleep just wanting someone to say that I was their girlfriend, their special someone.

Get this one; I even went so far to pretend to not be who I really was by acting educated, snobby and smart and being part of the popular crowd.

When I finally acclaimed my dream date, he dropped me for someone else – wakeup call or what?

Funny, while visiting my mother in the hospital, I ran into him. He looked good. He was older (as expected), but he was also divorced.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not disrespecting people who have been divorced, but looking at him I realized what I could have experienced, not seeing the signs … road blocks, life trying to tell me he’s not the one for me – and the many others I had encountered.

Hitting the bars, dance clubs viewing all the phony prospects, all of whom were not being their genuine selves just for a night of pleasure!

Please don’t get me wrong, its your life ladies and gentlemen, but let me gently remind you, growing up is not easy, especially when you are not being YOURSELF, ha…

I thought that’s how it worked, all what I had heard within the conversations among my girlfriends, or just what my mind had concocted to ease the pain of being alone! You see in my days we never had social media and all the nights of posting, fromo. lol ‘-) my language, keeping up with the Jones… let’s just get real, if you’re ready to be open minded, seeing what life really is – LISTEN UP!!!

When you’re prepared to listen to wisdom from the wise, intelligent and honest people, whom have walked the road before you, telling you the truth that HURTS YOUR INNER SOUL, you’re then ready to discover a REAL relationship!

Growing up is painful, but it can also be fun if your willing to be honest to yourself and heart.

When you we’re born, and hear me when I say, you were perfect, unique and owned such genuine gifts only you possess, yet waiting to be discovered!

What I’ve have learned throughout my dating, is that I should not settle simply for the sake of someone making me feel accepted.

I listen to many young people within my career, sharing how they would love to have someone in their lives, girlfriend/boyfriend just to do things with, I’ve heard it all from partners not respecting and mind games, hurtful words that makes you second guess yourself and identity.

I ask you, is that the type of person you want within your life??? You then think and feel that this kind of relationship is totally normal; all the abuse, confusion, arguing and total mayhem!!  Keep reading, it gets better, if your willing to grow up that is……

Talking with an intelligent young woman, Cara Ware, she opened my eyes on why youth fail at this competitive marketplace she shares the following “Not being comfortable by yourself make us act in desperation!”

Wow… it hit me like a lightning bolt, what I’m saying is that we must be at peace with whom we are at all times! Not accepting dysfunctional, illusional and crazy mind games from others just to fill a void that will eventually propel your mind into a flat spin fallout, leaving you feeling there is something wrong with YOU!

God has the most unique, bright and loving mate for YOU. He says in the Bible, Man should not be alone, so why should WE accept anything less! Learn from life’s lessons and apply them throughout your journey and watch the incredible mate prepared only for you.

Allow no one to talk you down, or disrespect, having you question your identity, you need NO ONES PERMISSION TO LOVE YOURSELF, ONLY YOU CAN DO THAT!!

By looking in the mirror and accepting your genuine self, loving who you are and all its miraculous gifts, you will attract the right person in your life! Do you hear me, let me repeat myself again, by loving who you are, God will bless you far beyond your wildest dreams… wait patiently, date wisely and never, ever sell out!

Protect your heart at all times!!! xox

Incredible mate only prepared for you .. Shaun Foster!

Image of Joy Foster and her partner, Shaun Foster.

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