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Social Media Addiction

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Each of us crave to be needed, in some sort of way.

Before social media, going to the bars and hanging out with our friends, or mates (I’m British), was the normal way to connect with people.

Now—excuse my bluntness—it’s totally messed up!

When I speak at my events and on my television show, Future Prospects, I hear time and time again, how social media is creating a platform of addiction. One student even called social media “a cult!”

Wow! To feel accepted, needed, whatever you want to call it—we’re letting social media take the reality out of life!

Time for a reality check folks. Here’s what’s crazy in our world…everyone’s on their phone 24/7: waiting in line for my Starbucks (Grande Blonde), bank lines, grocery shopping, and yes, even couples on a date! Adding to the list is the saddest view, seeing a family out for brunch or dinner and they’re all on some sort of electronic device. What an example of quality, family time!

Some people argue that I’m old; I don’t understand the new age of communication; I need to get with the program. If those comments are true, then my question is, why do we have so many problems?

Let’s take a look at the numbers….No, let’s not! I don’t follow stats, so we’ll just throw that one out, and get real!

Just turn on the television to see and hear what’s happening in our world. Today’s youth, who are crucial to our future, are being deeply affected. Young amazing students, who are hurting, are going to the extreme of sharing their suicidal thoughts! These issues concern me deeply!

We need to change how every young person looks at themselves in the mirror, seeks confirmation of acceptance through texting, tweeting, Instagram, Facebook, and one I hear about a lot, Snapchat.
Now, I’m not against the new way of communication, but guys, look at the larger picture here. We need to wake up and take control of your future!

What if we could conduct this following exercise? Turn off your phones for one week and let’s see if you can survive without your social media addiction!

Meet with your family, friends or significant other, have a conversation WITHOUT your phone, and you’ll be surprised at how you will feel!

Try it!!

If you can’t put your phone down for a couple hours tops, or hey, most importantly, go to bed without it by the side of your head to hear or see the glow… answer me, please!

Seriously, how many followers do you have, I ask you? Do you really know who those people are? Whether it’s one million,15 million, or first, let’s start with even simply one thousand, who are they really?

Within our schools, online bullying has increased immensely, especially between girls. It’s gone beyond everyday “catty” stuff and it’s elevated to the extreme! Prom night and girls’ exchanges, their thoughts and threats, and mean conversations. Talk with any police officer and they’ll tell you that social media bullying is real and it’s a living nightmare.

I asked the students how they’ve been impacted by social media—in fact, they have approached me, offering to share their thoughts—the ones, who have been traumatized, threatened, tormented and taunted, the list goes on!

When people feel they have the right to invade one’s privacy, creating unhappiness and pain throughout social media, when does it stop, I ask you? Let’s step it up, mental health is a major concern within our schools and life.

Say what you like, as I view our communication methods, yes, it’s what it is, but again, I, ask you, can you control your social media for one week? If you can, you do not have a social media addiction. You’re able to remove any type of negativity, block the insane, and embrace the positivity social media can become!

Congratulations! Your cell phone does not control your every move; you have a life!

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