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Terms of Service

Kimberlite Enterprises’ website and services are provided to you under these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right to update this page as required without notice. We recommend you refer back to this page periodically to ensure you are kept up to date.


This website, the design, logos, text, programs, images, audio, and any other content published on this site, is considered current and relevant at the time of publishing. However, we cannot guarantee that all published content is current and correct. Any content identified or reported to us as being outdated or incorrect will be corrected in a timely manner.


E-mail communications between us at Kimberlite Enterprises and yourselves may not be secure. We encourage you to ensure that you follow best practices for protecting the security of your email accounts through strong passwords, not using a shared computer/device, and ensuring appropriate security software are installed on your devices.

Limitation of Liability

Kimberlite Enterprises will not be held liable to you, any third party or company for the following issues, including, but not limited to:

  • Indirect, consequential, or incidental damages
  • Loss of profit
  • Business interruption
  • Other damages that arise directly or indirectly from your use of this website and its content


The content of this website is owned by Kimberlite Enterprises and protected by Copyright. You do not have the right to use, repurpose, print, edit, copy, or otherwise use our content, logo, design elements, intellectual property, video content, audio content, or imagery without our express written consent. 


Kimberlite Enterprises logo and name are the property of Kimberlite Enterprises. Any other logos or company names displayed on this site are from third parties with which we are working with, are in partnership with, or are sponsored by. Their logos and names are displayed under the terms and conditions of the agreement we have approved with these businesses/persons.


Kimberlite Enterprises respects your privacy. For full details on our Privacy Policy, please click here.

External Links and Linking Kimberlite Enterprises

This website contains third-party links to other websites. We provide these links as references and are down to your discretion to use. We do not control or have ownership over the external sites and are not accountable for any incorrect content, faulty websites, or out-dated content on these sites. The links we provide on this site are not an endorsement of the third-party website, its content, or the views expressed on the third-party site.

You are not permitted to share our logo, intellectual property, audio, video, or imagery, without our written consent. You are not permitted to use our logo or other protected properties in a way that makes it appear as though you have Kimberlite Enterprises endorsement or partnership unless you have entered into a written agreement with us.


Kimberlite Enterprises is based and founded in Ontario, Canada. The use of our website, our services, our terms and conditions, and any interactions with Kimberlite Enterprises, are governed by the relevant Canadian laws.

Purchasing Mentoring Services from Kimberlite Enterprises

When you purchase a Mentoring Service from us, we provide you with the tools, guidance, and mentoring as outlined in our packages. Upon purchase of these services, you acknowledge that you are expected to invest time and energy implementing the tools and guidance we provide outside of the classes. 

You are entitled to a refund within 48 hours of purchasing a Mentoring Program if you no longer wish to utilise the service. Please submit your request for a refund in writing to

Upon purchasing our Mentoring Services you agree that you will not share, copy, or otherwise use the materials provided to you in a way that is not relevant or applicable to the Mentoring Program without our consent.

Mentoring Services 

Our Mentoring Programs consist of classes of up to a maximum of 5 people. Mentoring classes are grouped by age. You will be placed into a class of people in your age group.

We take the wellbeing and safety of our mentees seriously and place this as a priority. In the event that you, or any other person(s), in the mentoring class behave in a way that is deemed to be aggressive, discriminatory, or threatening, we have the right to immediately remove you or the person(s) from the course with immediate effect without a refund. This includes, but is not limited to, unacceptable behaviours during the class, or via written or verbal communications on Kimberlite emails, texts, or calls.

We do not promote or encourage mentees to share deeply personal stories or details about themselves during the mentoring classes. However, in the event that a mentee voluntarily mentions or discusses personal details during a class, you are expected to keep the shared information private and respect your fellow mentees.

Future Prospects TV Show and Podcast

Future Prospects TV Show is the property of Kimberlite Enterprises. Kimberlite Enterprises owns the rights to Future Prospects, including the episodes, name, imagery, video, audio, and design elements. You are not permitted to use any Future Prospects content without our written consent and prior approval. 

Guests of Future Prospects will be required to sign a standard release from prior to the episode being filmed. 

Updates to Terms of Service

We reserve the right to review and update our Terms of Service when needed without notification. We recommend that you refer to this page periodically to remain up to date.

If you have any questions regarding our Terms of Service, please contact

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