Future Prospects: Dr. Ebele Mogo

Dr. Ebele Mogo very kindly accepted my invitation to be a guest on Future Prospects, and I am so grateful.

As a Doctor of Public Health, Dr. Mogo focuses on the development of good health and overall wellbeing. What really caught my attention (on top of the amazing career path) was that Dr. Ebele Mogo started university at 14 YEARS OLD!

In 2005, Dr. Mogo moved to Canada from Nigeria to attend university in Waterloo, Ontario – Imagine that? 14 years old, leaving not only your home, but your home country to start a university degree! Now, that is inspirational!

Needless to say, Dr. Ebele Mogo is one incredible and inspirational woman with a huge heart and a mission to help everyone improve their wellbeing and health.

Enjoy the show folks, be inspired, and keep being your amazing selves!