Future Prospects: Student Panel

Bailey Foster of Dixie State University, Lindsey O’Hearn of Western University, Ilina Kostadinova of the Medical University of Varna, and Olivia Rose of the University of Ottawa are here for some REAL talk!

These young women join me on this episode to discuss university life in 2020/2021. School, Stress, and Mental Health.

No sugar-coating.

Not avoiding the hard stuff.

Never dressing it up as something it isn’t.

What a conversation! Speaking so openly about mental health and the challenges of learning online, being inside and not interacting with other students… Their words are powerful and important, and they are being so open and honest with themselves! I’m so proud of them for sharing to highlight the challenges students are facing.

Bailey, Lindsey, Ilina, and Olivia are not the only students feeling this way, and that is why we NEED to talk about this!

Join in with the conversation, talk to your family and friends, share what you’re experiencing. This is real and honest talk about student mental health, folks!