Future Prospects: Courtney Charles, Raptors 905

Courtney Charles, Raptors 905 VP of Basketball and Franchise Operations

Well, what can I say!

Courtney Charles of Raptors 905 joins me on this episode of Future Prospects, and I have NO words to express my gratitude!

2020 has presented so many challenges, and so many blessings. When the world forces us to change our perspectives and look to the future, we come together for a collective purpose.

Courtney Charles joins me to discuss Black Lives Matter, equality, youth, and the need for change.

“Building lives to matter” is a phrase I have heard Courtney use, and one I feel is important to refer back to when crafting a better future for everyone. The idea behind this is that simply saying a life matters only gets us so far – We need a plan.

We need a plan and a strategy to move everyone forward together, to ensure that the changes we want come to fruition and last.

Courtney has been a voice for the youth, for young black people, and for all of us to listen to and act on.

This episode also delves into Courtney’s journey this year, his perspectives, how COVID-19 has impacted sports, and the importance of branding during times like this.

There is much to be learnt from Courtney Charles. I feel so deeply blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to share this episode with you.

Let’s keep moving forward with compassion and purpose, support one another, and keep this conversation going.