Future Prospects: Kwasi Adu-Poku

Kwasi Adu-Poku is my guest on this episode of Future Prospects – and what an AMAZING guest he is!

Kwasi is a remarkable young man with a huge heart.An Athlete Academic Mentor McMaster University, and founder of his own business, The Reach Series, Kwasi is talented, hardworking, and one serious entrepreneur!

The Reach Series was designed to help people who need to tap into their self confidence, their belief in themselves, and ultimately empower them. Kwasi has designed group workshops and personal one-on-one coaching – all of them born from similar questions he had in his own life and how he overcame them.

To read more about The Reach Series, you visit @thereachseries on Instagram & Facebook, or visit the website: The Reach Series.

On this episode, we discuss Kwasi Adu-Poku’s personal journey, the importance of equality, community, and the power of believing in yourself 🔥 It fills my heart with joy to see our youth building positive pathways to the future.

Our youth today are so in tune with creating things that positively impact those around them. They seek to lift each other up and make the world better.  This brings me hope for the future.

I hope after watching this episode you feel the same way. Please enjoy!