Future Prospects: Soha Soliman

Soha Soliman is a 15 year old student from Shelburne, Ontario.

Let me tell you, Soha is one remarkable young woman!

Soha Soliman has such an upbeat, positive, and creative approach to life. Her enthusiasm and compassion is clear when you speak to her.

The reason Soha joins me today is to discuss the issue of racism in her community, and across Canada.

We often take for granted how “nice” Canada is. Whilst we acknowledge in many ways we are lucky to live here, there are still issues that need resolving. Racism does exist here, and is has existed for a long time. It tries to hide itself, and we definitely haven’t talked about it enough. This year has thrown racism into the spotlight, and, finally, it seems like we can make change happen.

People like Soha Soliman are making this change happen.

The main thing that struck me about Soha is how she approaches issues of prejudice and racism. Her heart is so open and ready to show patience and compassion. By using education as a tool against ignorance, Soha is a true example of meeting hatred with love – and enabling positive change!

I hope everyone takes something away from this interview, from Soha’s words and experiences.

When we think of racism and prejudice, we rarely consider that it can be right at our doorstep, in our kid’s schools, on our high streets.

It does exist.

It does happen where we live. 

But we can change it. 

We must change it.