Future Prospects: Dean Dori Tunstall

Dean Dori Tunstall of OCAD University

I had the honour and absolute pleasure of meeting (virtually, of course!) Dean Dori Tunstall recently.

And my word – what a woman!

Dean of Faculty of Dean for OCAD University, Dori Tunstall is the FIRST black woman to hold this position ANYWHERE. Dori’s talents stretch far and wide, and honestly, she left me speechless. I cannot describe how incredible and inspirational she is. I was in total awe.

I have tried multiple times to explain the power and passion Dori Tunstall brings, and every time I cannot do it justice. 

I was in a state of happy shock when Dean Dori agreed to be a guest on Future Prospects. Her words, thoughts, and values speak to our souls, and she has the ability to open our eyes to subjects and issues that we often overlook, or do not pursue on a deep level.

Not only is this amazing person a beacon for hope and change, Dean Dori is fun, charismatic, and unapologetically herself. Don’t believe me? Follow her on Instagram –  @DeanDori_ocadu. Her feed is full of positivity, beautiful designs (including STUNNING clothing garments), music, and dance. 

If you would like to read more about Dean Dori Tunstall, please check out Azure Magazine’s article from 2017 (and trust me, you do want to read more!) – you can find it here.

And now, without any delay, please enjoy this interview. Feel inspired, feel motivated, and share the love and admiration many of us have for this truly exceptional woman!