Future Prospects: Memma Uponi

Memma Uponi joins me on this episode of Future Prospects.

Memma is from Nigeria, and currently an international engineering student in her second year at University of Toronto.

On top of moving to Canada to study and earn her degree, Memma co-founded her own charity called Forever Gratis Foundation.

Memma’s charity reflects her own personal views – Being a change motivator.

Obviously, for such a young woman, Memma has accomplished an INCREDIBLE amount of amazing things – and she continues to do so.

Not only that, she does it with such passion, ambition, determination, and love. And I can’t wait to see what is next for her!

I could very easily carry on writing about EVERYTHING Memma Uponi brings to the world – but I cannot do her words and presence justice.

Please hit play, sit back, enjoy, and see for yourself how inspirational Memma Uponi is!