Future Prospects – Patrick Whitten

Adapting to the ‘New Normal’

Patrick joins me on this episode from Thunder Bay!

I love Patrick, he is such a superstar. The last time I saw him in person was four years ago, the last time he appeared on Future Prospects.

Patrick has appeared on the show a few times now, and always shares his wisdom, passion and insight into navigating the world as a young person.

Today, he is back to discuss the “new normal” we are experiencing.

Patrick takes us through his history and work experience, and how this switched dramatically when the pandemic hit. He has always been a determined and highly motivated individual, and it’s clear that he still has that determination to keep going – in a “normal world” or a “new” one!

This is a great episode to watch, especially if you are a student or new grad. Patrick shares a lot of valuable insight, advice, and ideas to help inspire you.

Grab a tea, press play – Enjoy!