Future Prospects: Hoffman Family

The Hoffman’s story and experiences really resonated with me on a deeply personal level.

Katie and Clayton are married with two beautiful children, and they join me today to discuss racism and bigotry.

As an inter-racial couple, they have had many awful and heartbreaking experiences. Cruel words aimed at their marriage and their children are all too common, and they wanted to share their story.

We often believe that Canada is not a racist country, that racism somehow stops at the border with the US… Well, this interview will show you how untrue that is.

Clayton and Katie do not sugar coat ANYTHING. They are so clear with their messages, their thoughts, their stories. I can assure you right now, this interview is not comfortable.

But! I never wanted it to be.

Both Katie and Clayton share what they have had said to them, what they have witnessed aimed at themselves and their family. From hurtful remarks masquerading as a friendly face, to words deliberately designed to provoke an aggressive response. Clayton is SO calm, and he explains why he remains calm during these horrible encounters.

Katie directly addresses “White Privilege” and what this means – how this impacts her family, and why us humans beings latch on to this need to be better than other people.

Many times racism is delivered from ignorance and from lack of being challenged on the thoughts behind it. If people are too afraid to step up and say “you’re wrong and here’s why!”, then nobody learns anything and people end up getting hurt. The ignorance continues, and the people spouting hateful views convince themselves even further that they are right.

Ignorance is quite simply a lack of education and awareness. Education comes from discussions and openness to listen.

There will, of course, be people who stand firm in their ignorant world – we talk about this on the show – but then there will also be people who WILL listen and reflect. If more people learn, racism will be tolerated less and less, and anytime it does decide to raise its ugly head we can stop it immediately.

That is why these discussions mean EVERYTHING.

They help us move forward, they help us be better, they help us protect other people.

Watch, learn, discuss, share – keep the discussion going!