Future Prospects: Racism and Discrimination

Trish Peters and Ethel Nalule join me today to talk about the Black Lives Matters movement and living in Canada.

For those who believe racism is confined to the USA, this is not true.

The video of George Floyd’s murder flooded the world and we all paid attention.

As protests took over the streets, leaders used force to push protestors back and silence them.

It was as though a surge of electricity rushed through us all at the same moment. This was so far beyond OK and we knew it.

Enough is enough.

Protests erupted in cities across the globe.

Statues were pulled down which celebrated racist historical figures.

People looked at themselves and saw they had not done enough to protect others from discrimination.

This is a global issue. Every country, city, town – they all suffer with racism and bigotry. It may not be “smack you in the face” obvious, but it’s there.

When we start to scratch the surface and peel back the curtains, we see what is truly going on.

Those who had stayed silent in a moment where they overhead something hateful being spoken reflected on their silence. They no longer want to accept it and they want to know how to help.

People who had been discriminated against shone bright lights on where systems fall down, where people abuse their power, and what unconscious bias is.

This discussion may not be a comfortable one, but we NEED it.

It MUST happen.

If we stay comfortable, we cannot change.

We must change.