Future Prospects: International Perspectives

This week I speak with Italian psychologist Fabio Arditi and his wife Luigina from Italy.

As we know, Italy was one of the first Western countries to feel the tragic impact of COVID-19.

The Italian government totally shut down the country, across Italy all residents were under a strict lock down for numerous weeks.

Europe is now opening up and people are adjusting to the world around them. Things are not the same, we know this here in Canada, too.

Fabio and Luigina discuss their experiences of the lock down, being in quarantine, and their perspectives on Italy as they transition back to “normal”.

Fabio is a psychologist, and his insight into humans and behaviour is crucial, it will help us evaluate ourselves and our attitudes towards this time in our lives.

We often forget that other areas of the world experienced this pandemic in a dramatically different way to us. Hearing stories from Fabio and Luigina about what they lived through and what their “new normal” looks like is truly eye-opening.

Please watch, listen, learn. We need to hear each others’ stories.