Future Prospects: Gorno Family

Living Through a Pandemic

The Gorno Family join me today from Michigan in the US to share their story.

Let me tell you, this family are kind, generous and caring.

When the world went into lockdown and they knew they had to stay home, this did not stop their beautiful nature.

As they watched healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, and postal workers tackle these challenging times in order to keep people safe and provided for, the Gorno Family felt they needed to give something back.

You will have to watch this episode to see exactly what bloomed from this… all I can say is, their kind hearts took shape with creativity and (a lot) of chalk!

I hope you feel as inspired as I am by the Gorno Family.

Please watch, please share, please spread love and kindness!

See you soon for the next digital Future Prospects episode!

Future Prospects - Living Through A Pandemic - The Gorno Family and Joy Foster of Kimberlite Enterprises