Future Prospects: Living Through A Pandemic

An inspirational chat about the “New Normal” with Cara Ware

Oh my – How I have missed doing this and connecting with you all!

Has it been weeks? Months? It seems like another world ago when the last episode of Future Prospects was recorded.

The world shifted and we all stayed home to keep everyone safe – which (rightfully) meant that Future Prospects could no longer be produced in the studio.

All was not lost, though! As usual, I was not deterred by this. It only made me more determined.

It needed some creativity, collaboration and inspiration. Sharing motivational messages, perspectives and positivity was TOO important, I could not let this lay dormant during the lockdown.

So, my Producer and I figured it out! SKYPE.

And I also had the perfect guest for the first show…

Cara Ware enthusiastically agreed to join me on Future Prospects. She is an intriguing person, as you will see during the interview. Cara works in the freelance world, assisting businesses with the digital marketing and online presence.

However! That is not ALL Cara has to offer…

As Cara and I chatted over the last few months, it became apparent she has so much more to say – and she says it with so much power.

On this show, Cara and I discuss our “New Normal”; how the pandemic has impacted us, the world, and how it has impacted her personally.

I won’t give away much as you REALLY need to watch my interview with Cara, you will see for yourselves the many “sides” she has.

I hope this provides you will a new perspective on this pandemic.

Also – I am excited to say that Future Prospects will keep recording via Skype, so I can keep sharing inspiration, motivation, and fantastic stories with you!

Enjoy the show and stay tuned for more!

Joy Foster