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When I speak to management, sales teams or staff, I help unlock the invisible door that so often stands between people and their ultimate personal and professional goals.

Whether you want to create dynamic connected teams, improve communication, manage change or deal with the growing stress in the workplace, I design interactive presentations and keynotes that are fast-paced, information-packed and deliver rewarding results.

Sales to Sales · Team Starts, Top Down · Applauding Your 98% Profit

“Ms. Foster has a keen understanding of sales styles, individual approaches and their potential effects on customer behaviour. Most importantly however, Ms. Foster has a sense of humour and is naturally ‘likeable’. Her personal charisma, enthusiasm and professionalism are assets to the course material.”
- Shannon McPeak, VP Corporate Sales, Osprey Media


Too many of today’s youth struggle with anxiety, mental health and the burden of trying to exist within a label

I believe that if we do not persistently act on this today, to provide a forum to inspire our young people and future leaders, their future is at risk. My mission is to inspire today’s youth towards greatness. During presentations, students are allowed to talk openly in a safe, exciting and interactive atmosphere, knowing that their feelings and opinions are heard, so that learning can take place.

Highshool/Post-Secondary: Back to the Basics· Jealousy, who Cares! · Love Who You Are, Always! Media Lies · Toxic Friends vs TRUE Relationships

University: Branding Your Image · Maximizing Your True Potential · Mental Survival It’s not a RACE · Balancing ACT


With the impact of media and technology on today’s youth, I know how important it is that parents realize that their role is to provide consistent love and understanding with their children daily.

My presentations to parent groups are a real eye-opener for all to embrace the true meaning of parenthood.

Parents Curtain Call · The Core (Family)·Listen with Heart Social Media Frenzy · True Meaning of FAMILY


All my life, I’ve turned to music as way to connect, communicate and engage.

When presenting a corporate keynote or presentation to youth, teachers and parents, I integrate music into my message to inspire, uplift and move my audience, empowering them to believe that they can become the diamond that they hold within.

Through the Kimberlite Enterprises Youth Singers (KEYS), I help young people express messages of hope through song and dance, as seen here, in our YouTube video, “Joy Foster All That You Are”.

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