Future Prospects: Sweat Duet

Future Prospects first digital multi-guest show!

This show was so much fun to do for many reasons. It was the first digital version of Future Prospects to have multiple guests dialling in separately! Goes to show, we can still connect whilst physically being apart.


Secondly, and most importantly, my guests on this show are Sweat Duet!

These young entrepreneurs created Sweat Duet during the earlier half of 2020, with the intent to help other young people who were struggling.

Each of these inspiring and gifted young people collaborated to create a way for young people to exercise during lockdown and social distancing. Usually, teens exercise together – it is a social activity. Whether you play team sports or walk with a friend, it’s more fun with company. 

The idea is so clever and innovative, and caters to the needs of young people right now. It encourages a healthy lifestyle through exercising, AND keeps people safe through social distancing! Win win!

You can check out Sweat Duet’s website here for more information on their amazing services!

As usual, I hope you love the show!