Future Prospects: Marny Florence

Marny Florence joins me on this episode to discuss work, her passions,
and how the pandemic has impacted her life.

Including DATING!

Marny and I connected over Instagram recently, and we clicked IMMEDIATELY! Her energy and enthusiasm is infectious, so it was no surprise to me when Marny told me she was in the entertainment industry.

You would not believe the experience this young woman has – dancer, choreographer, MAGICIAN’S ASSISTANT… All fun, amazing, and totally in harmony with who Marny is.

I won’t give much away, but one of my favourite parts of this episode is the discussion around the lock down – the “new normal” – and how dating fits into it. It’s so interesting, and is a subject many people are thinking about!

Sit back, grab your mug of tea, and enjoy this episode of Future Prospects!