Future Prospects: Kate Haberl

Kate Haberl, student from the University of Toronto, joins me on Future Prospects!


Kate is SUCH an upbeat person, her energy is positive and motivating – and I love it! 

Originally from Vancouver, Kate is currently studying at UoT. Back in March, she flew home whilst the university closed (through a very quiet Toronto Pearson!), and has now returned to continue her studies.

Being at university as the pandemic broke out was quite the experience for every student. The closures and shut down happened rapidly, usually within one week. Kate had to pack her belongings and quickly figure out getting home – I feel for all you students!

Now, Kate Haberl has much more to offer on top of her education/pandemic story. Kate and I connected on Instagram, and I could instantly see how talented this young woman is. She wears many hats!

Kate is has been involved in projects focusing on climate change and the environment, drawing in members of council and public figures. This was when she was in grade 12!

Kate really emphasises the value of having youth involved in community and politics. She really sees the importance of youth engagement as they are our future – and they have to live in it. 

The thing that I really admire about Kate is her approach to the current world we live in. Kate sees it as an inspirational time to be a young person, not because of the negativity, but because she believes that young people have the power to come up with ways to change things for the better. 

An amazing example of this is the “Unsanitized Project” – a group that Kate created. It is a safe space for people learn and share their experiences around racism and prejudice. I am sure you are starting to why I HAD to have Kate on the show!

And now, time for Kate Haberl’s episode of Future Prospects. Please enjoy!