Future Prospects: Dylan Mortimer

Dylan and I met in Alliston, Ontario, when Dylan was working at Bulk Barn. It was one of those moments were you weren’t expecting anything significant to happen… I was shopping!


However, Dylan was an amazing surprise encounter. We began chatting, and I quickly saw how driven, focused, and passionate he is. After graduating high school in June of this year, Dylan knew he wanted to go into post-secondary education, but he decided to take a gap year first.

The reason Dylan is a guest on this episode is because of his views on life and pursuing further schooling. Dylan is only 17, for someone of such a young age to have a strong strategic plan for his future is very impressive.

Many young people, especially right now, are trying to navigate education, life, ambitions – it is perfectly understandable that they don’t know what path to take, and which one suits them.

Dylan is here to share his story, his thoughts, and how this lead him to creating his plans for the future 

Sit back, enjoy, be inspired!