Future Prospects: Athena Zhong

Medical Sciences Student, Athena Zhong, joins me on this episode of Future Prospects!

Athena is a student at Western University, currently studying to pursue a career in dentistry.

I came across Athena when she shared a letter titled “Dear my first year self, Athena”. The letter shared her thoughts and experiences from a reflective stance – what she had learned, what she wish she had known then, and what she saw now. It was so incredibly well written, so powerful, and so relevant. Other students latched onto this letter, they were so inspired and touched by it – it spoke to them directly.

So, of course, I invited Athena to be a guest on the show! Her voice and message provides important insights, values, and guidance for those coming into higher education.

Please listen and share with those who need Athena’s inspirational words.