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As the tv community producer/host of Future Prospects, I interview young entrepreneurs and mentors who have overcome adversities, inspired others or have stories of significance to share with the world.

My mission is that the messages and enthusiasm from these wonderful young people and mentors will encourage and empower youth to unlock that invisible door that so often stands between them and their personal, academic and professional goals.

If you’re a young entrepreneur with an inspiring story of significance, or a mentor with the same mission, I’d love to hear from you about being a guest on Future Prospects.


It’s been a worthwhile journey, we are so proud to have walked, and still walking!

An honour, working with passionate leaders, partners, creating and executing initiatives for betterment of our community and surrounding. Delivering platforms for all, especially dear to our heart, our future leaders, todays youth!

Young people need to know, repeatedly and persistently they have a place within their world, their voices are heard and respected, without judgement.

As mentors, parents and educators, our mission, duty to inspire our future, propel their dreams, whatever they might be, letting them know, they are loved, unconditionally and have a placement in their world.

Kimberlite Enterprises, has discovered many rare diamonds, still on the journey on discovering, the undiscovered, stay tuned!