Kimberlite’s podcasts are another way to catch up on our latest work and topics of discussion. Part of Kimberlite’s mission is to showcase important topics and amazing people. We have had the pleasure of interviewing people from across the world, including health experts, psychologists, leaders in education and social movements. 

Our podcasts can be found on Anchor and Spotify.


This podcast is a “no sugar coating” series about the current world we live in during this pandemic.

Joy Foster and her guests discuss health and the societal divisions when it comes to navigating our “new normal”. Dr. Abdu Sharkawy, Infectious Disease Specialist, kicks off the series as Joy’s first guest.

Dr. Sharkawy is the go-to expert for several major hospitals in Toronto, as well as being the medical face of the pandemic on national TV.  

You can find The Joy Foster Podcast here!