Future Prospects

Rogers Television Channel 65 Kimberlite Enterprises has their own talk show "FUTURE PROSPECTS" in its fourth season!!

Host Joy Foster engages and empowers youth to overcome challenges and hurdles. She also encourages self pride, confidence and the ability to always celebrate successes. Her guests will comprise of many topics which will allow students to have a voice!! if you have a story of significance that you would like to share pleae contact my office.

For show times and veiwing of epsidoes of this amazing show visit Rogers webite 




















More to Come...

Kimberlite Enterprises is on a journey to inspire and motivate each student within their academic years. Successful workshops / presentarions are being created and presented at a variety of venues receving remarkable results from teachers and students.

Kimberlite Enterprises is proud to annouce their partnership with the TDSB on having their workshops / presentations accesable to principals for their schools.