Joy's Story

Joy Foster, an accomplished Motivational Speaker, Singer & Professional Recording Artist,  Television Talk Show Host "Future Prospects" and receipient of the IWAA International Women's Achievers Award 2016 for "Arts & Culture'.  She will help unlock the invisible door that so often stands between people and their ultimate personal and professional goals. Whether its leadership, communication, change management, or stress Joy’s training is fast-paced, information-packed, interactive and guaranteed to deliver skills, techniques that can be used right away. She has a natural approach with her audience on the issues of self-esteem and motivation in the competitive marketplace.

Joy designs and conducts both public and corporate seminars / workshops assisting people in discovering how to empower their inner strength and in so doing increasing their profitability. Her seminars not only raise self-esteem but inspire the belief to achieve and win! Her sessions are motivating and optimistic and she is consistently rated highly by course participants. Joy’s use of fun real life examples makes her content easy to understand, easy to use and participants feel they can implement the new ideas and experience.

Close to her heart Joy has taken up a mission to empower todays youth towards greatness. To leave the pain they may endure and pursue, discovering the diamond they are born to be! Her presentations have embraced and delivered messages that leave both students and teachers wanting more! Joy pulls no punches and allows no excuses to be expected only solutions. Students are allowed to talk openly feeling their opinions are heard and not judged but listened with an empathic ear. Sharing her own real life stories students are touched, empowered and inspired towards their inner greatness.

Joy shows great compassion with students and also holds a very safe, supportive, respectful and inclusive space for the training and learning to take place. She is able to perform with students and not lose them in the process. She also has a unqiue presenation delivered to parents titled "Parents Curtain Call Please!".  Joy grew up in a home where her parents had not known how to communicate to their chidren that contributed to a concrete wall for all her siblings including herself. Joy indured pain, loneliness and confusion throughout her childhood. Constant argurments and a disfunctional homelife she decided enough is enough and found the strength to overcome her adversties. She knows the importance of love that parents today MUST employ to their children everyday.  Communicaltion is vital to the improvement of our youth today. They need their parents not media but parents whom love them unconditionally. "Parents Curtain Call Please" is an eye opener for all parents to attend learning the true meaning of parenthood.  

Today Joy is married to the love of her life and they are blessed with a handsome and talented son. She gives all her praise to her Lord and thanks Him everyday for all her gifts. She knows the true essense on what is takes to survive today as a woman, a student, ,wife and mother most importantly being a human being!!