Kimberlite Enterprises is a company on a mission to inspire and motivate empowring people in discovering the DIAMOND in each and every person. 

Kimberlite Enterprises offers unique presentations that can be customized to address your current needs. These presentations are design to be more of a guided discussion evolving around the core subject matter with the active participation of the audience. To assist this process real life situations are used when appropriate so that students can incorporate what is learned into their own lives. The students are encouraged and assisted in delivering their questions and/or concerns in a way that helps to develop their self-confidence.  Students then realize that they are not alone and understand they too can overcome any adversity. Ultimately this discussion format allows the audience to become fully envolved and more importantly part of the solution!


More to Come...

Kimberlite Enterprises is on a journey to inspire and motivate each student within their academic years. Successful workshops / presentarions are being created and presented at a variety of venues receving remarkable results from teachers and students.

Kimberlite Enterprises is proud to annouce their partnership with the TDSB on having their workshops / presentations accesable to principals for their schools.